• Pipeline Flow

  • Internal Flooding

  • State of the Art Simulation and Visualization

  •  Modular plugin-based architecture

     Integration with various external 1D/2D/3D solvers and other analytic computational systems.

     Fully integrated Coupled solver for Rigid Bodies/Fluids.

     Node Base Connection Mechanism


Neutrino is a highly accurate fluid solver, currently used to simulate coastal inundation and flooding scenarios. It has the infrastructure to simulate various fluid dynamics flows.

Neutrino is developed independently by Neutrino Dynamics Initiative. It is composed of a group of diverse scientific research team distributed around the world. It is currently used by research organizations, academia, various industries and features a full-featured simulation and visualization environment for the most demanding tasks and problems. Neutrino has proven its versatility and efficiency in many diverse sectors, including energy research, robotics, environmental sciences, nuclear engineering and related risk analysis problems.


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  • Implicit Incompressible Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
  • Robust Boundary Handling
  • Coupled Hydrodynamic Emitters
  • Various Killers for modeling transport
  • Particle/Volume Conversion Tools

SPH Challenges and Validation

  • SPH Problems
  • Coupling of Hydrostatic/Hydrodynamic Flows
  • Coupled Rigid/Fluids
  • Visualization


  • Internal Flooding Analysis
  • Pipe Breaks/Rupture Driven Simulations
  • Large Scale External Event Simulations
  • Event Driven External Flooding Simulations
  • Wind Driven Flows


Neutrino's provies easy integration into the National Labs framework

- Dr. C Smith, Idaho National Labs

Very well integrated with our Risk Analysis System

- S Prescott, Idaho National Labs

Currently using Neutrino for our IRP Project

- Dr. N Dinh, North Carolina State University