Dam Break Test

This is the classic Cummings Dam Break Experiement recreated as a Neutrino Simulation. The dam break scenario is a typical test case done to validate movement and forces.

In this case, the force exerted by fluid particles onto a post from the dam failure is measured and compared with the results from experimental data. The simulation is one-to-one scale to real experiments and set up as in Figure 2 according to Cummins work.

In neutrino, we first put the gate in position and wait for 1 sec until all fluid particles are settled down. Then we open the gate and let the fluid flow under the effects of gravity. For comparing the results with real case, the water properties such as the fluid parameters (〖10〗^(-6) kinematic viscosity), are used. Extraneous parameters such as the surface tension and wettability effects are turned off because the large scale of simulation makes these effects negligible.

  • Courtesy: Neutrino Dynamics Initiative
  • Date: Sep 2015
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